Are you gonna recycle that???

I have a difficult time throwing away things, things that I know can be used for something else. Call me the upcycling queen. So after Christmas, I have always struggled with what to do with all the Christmas cards people have sent me. A few years ago I decided I was going to start upcycling them into gift tags for next year. It’s a great way to be able to recycle your old Christmas cards into something new, useful and cute (and saves you from having to buy some next year!)

So I start with a card :


Then I grab some punches and punch out any interesting shapes or features of the card that I feel I can use:


This is what I ended up with from the card (I used an extra large scallop punch, a large circle punch, a small star and just cut a strip off with scissors)


And my finished tag……


I just used scraps and some embellishments to add onto it. The base is actually a blank WeR Memory Keepers PL card (which I find makes excellent tags if you are looking for another use for all those cards!).

Here’s some examples of some other upcycled tags I’ve made…this Christmas see what beautiful things you can make from your recycled Christmas cards!!


image image


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