“The last thing you need is another hobbie….”

This was my friend’s response as I pulled out a ball of yarn and knitting needles. True, I have more than enough hobbies to occupy my time. But last weekend at the Creativ Festival I was caught by all the sparkle and shine of the new products I saw. I swear I sometimes shop like an impulsive four-year old – I will buy things that I have no use for in the immediate or foreseeable future and base my need for the purchase on the fact that I like the way it looks, smells or feels.

This is how I ended up knitting.

I saw a bunch of lovely knitted cowls in several of the booths. I can do basic knitting, nothing fancy, and I haven’t knit in like a decade, but I figured why not? So I got a pattern, some wool and some lovely bamboo needles (because they looked and felt nicer than the metal ones). All my required items were purchased…. and then I saw the most amazing merino wool. It was midnight blue, almost a dark grey-blue hue, and was one of the softest things I had ever felt.

And I had to have it. So I bought it, with no clear intention of what to do with it ( you see I already had everything I needed).

I ended up using the basic pattern I got (knit one row with yarn overs,purl one row with yarn overs dropping the yarn overs from the previous knit row…thanks Abbie and Kristin for showing me how to do that!) to create a really soft loose knit cowl. I used size 15 (10mm) needles, and that gorgeous yarn was  Knitca’s super chunky merino yarn in Midnight.

Here’s a close up of the stitch:


And the final product….


I had a difficult time deciding the width, and after starting and unravelling the project twice, I found that casting on 10 stitches was the perfect width (this cowl was made with two balls of yarn). I was very happy with the final result! Can’t wait for a chilly day to use it (wait….did I really just say that???)


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