I need a 12 step for Pinterest

Pinterest…the ultimate seductress and time waster in my world. I cruise the boards for ideas daily and what usually happens is that I find something that I want to make so badly that I completely abandon whatever I was currently working on.

This happened today.

So I was going to work on finishing a quilt for my cousin’s new little boy, but then Pinterest got a hold of me and the next thing I know I am making some taggie dinosaur.

This was the pin I saw from the website http://how-do-it.com/dinosaur_sewing_pattern/

I had some fabric leftover from the quilt (this adorable fabric from Riley Blake’s Oh Boy Collection) so I thought why not and whipped one up (it looked quick, and it was, maybe 20 minutes). I freehand drew the dinosaur so it isn’t exact but you get the idea. I also embroidered him eyes and a little mouth (which is hard to see in the photo).


And for the actual quilt, yes it was finished (finally). I just chose two of the colour pathways in the Oh Boy Collection, the turquoise and grey (two of my favourite colours) and cut 4″ squares and had them in a checkerboard pattern and here is the final product:

image image

To finish the gift set for the new baby, I added some bibs again with the leftovers. Both the bibs and the quilt are backed in a super soft baby fleece, nice and soft.


The set is ready to go! Time for bed, after I take one more peek at Pinterest….



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