“But it’s only $3.99!”

This is how I justify my large hoard of 6×6′ paper pads. I have a doozie of a collection, which I justify saying ” oh it’s only $3.99 (thank you Winners)” or by saying “perfect, I can use these for cards!”

In reality, I still have a lot that need to be used.

So last night while I was playing around on the Project Life App (so addictive) I decided to print out some of the Amy Tangerine Plus One Collection cards. Then I remembered that had a 6×6 paper pad from the collection and got to work making some project life cards!



6×6 pads are actually perfect for creating your own Project Life Cards, all you need is a trimmer and corner rounder punch or a 3×4″ rounded card punch. For making 4×6 cards, literally all you have to do is cut one line (or cut off a two inch strip). I liked the look of this paper and thought it would make a good journaling card……

image   image  image

I just rounded the corners and voila! A perfect unique Amy Tangerine journaling card which I can mix and match with my regular set to add some interest and variety. Here’s a few finished 4×6 cards I made from the paper pad:

image  image


On the same idea, I made some 3×4 cards as well. Some of the paper pad sheets had some fun papers with smaller elements that can be used for smaller embellishments. Some of these were perfect grids so I just cut around a few to make a 3 x4 card, then rounded the edges:

image    image

I cut this sheet equally to make these cards, which I just embellished up a bit…..



And this page resulted in another unique 3×4 card……

image     image


I hope this is another idea for what to do with all those 6×6 paper pad at home (come on, I know I’m not the only one!!)




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