They always get you in the checkout line…..

Strategic placement. Many an impulse purchase has been the result of these two words, you know when you are waiting to cash out at the grocery store and you end up buying a pack of gum, an US weekly, razors and a package of AAA batteries  when you had no intention on buying any of them before you got in the line.

I was the victim of strategic placement this week while at Michael’s. Michael’s has a section right before their cash filled with baskets of trinkets and gadgets, most reasonably priced at $1.50. I often find myself in a lot of trouble when it comes to resisting the oddities in this section ( actually I found some more of the antique keys from my previous post and yes I bought two more…Michael’s 1 – Sarah 0)

I saw these cute mini notepads for $1.50 each and I thought they would make super cute present toppers for Christmas (Michael’s 2 – Sarah 0 for those keeping score).


So I started by punching a hole using my crop-a-dile in the top of one corner and laced a string through. Then I raided my Christmas stash and started dressing them up.

The first has a green holly theme…


And a candy themed one…


And a Santa themed one…


I am gonna try to find some mini pencils, I think they would be cute to attach on the side. The awesome thing about these is they are magnetic on the back, so it can be a useful little notepad and not just a pretty decoration for a gift!


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