24 Days

Every year the kiddos get advent calendars from my parents, sometimes chocolate, sometimes the Lego ones with the toys inside. However I have seen a lot of activity advent calendars on Pinterest, and I thought they were brilliant. So the basic idea is that each day for the 24 days before Christmas you do a Christmas activity with the kids. There are a million ways that people have fashioned these calendars, from boxes to old mittens. I had a package of little gift card envelopes (24 in the package…I considered that an omen!!!) and decided to get to work on making one for my boys.

I decided to use the Mistletoe Magic paper set from My Mind’s Eye that I scored at Homesense a while back as my colour theme, and some cut-out snowflakes and Christmas shapes from Michael’s. So here’s my supplies:


I basically just decorated each envelope and numbered them from 1 to 24, and mounted them on a piece of foam core. Here’s the final result and some close ups….


image image imageimage

image image image image

For the tags to go in the envelopes, I just printed the activities out and punched them out with a tag punch and threaded them with a string.


My list of activities was partially taken from some I had seen on Pinterest and activities that I had or knew I wanted to do based on what we like to do. This is my 24 item list (in no particular order)!:

  1. Have a picnic under the Christmas tree
  2. Watch a Christmas movie (and have some special treats!)
  3. Bake some cookies
  4. Decorate a gingerbread house
  5. Make some ornaments for the tree!
  6. Make Frosty’s house (from sugar cubes)
  7. Write a letter to Santa
  8. Make Christmas Cards
  9. Read Christmas Stories and drink hot chocolate
  10. Take a walk to see the Christmas lights
  11. Make peppermint bark
  12. Buy gifts for the children’s wish donation
  13. Have green ice cream and watch the Grinch
  14. Put up the Christmas Tree
  15. Let’s Make snowflakes and decorate the windows
  16. Read the night before Christmas and leave cookies for Santa
  17. Make a fort and watch “Home Alone”
  18. Build the north pole out of Lego
  19. Have a candy cane hunt
  20. Silly Christmas photo booth
  21. Visit Santa
  22. Make snow globes
  23. Paint Christmas figures
  24. Make cake pops

The bonus about this advent calendar idea is that I have decided it will be perfect to fill the content of my December Daily scrapbooking album this year. So essentially I will document each event from the advent calendar into a 24 page album, I’ll be sure to post the results when finished!!


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