40 and fabulous!!!

Nope, that title is not in reference to me ( I am still a cool 28! lol) but I did get a chance to celebrate a friend’s 40th yesterday and while searching for card ideas for a birthday card, I decided I was going to try the exploding box card. They are all over the internet, look wildly complicated and have intimidated me up until this point so I have avoided them. But a 40th birthday seemed like a good excuse to try!

So I followed a good tutorial on Youtube, here’s the link:


I found it pretty easy to follow. I used paper from the Crate Paper Boys Rule line as it had a retro theme, filled with goodies that any 40 year old remembers well (hello cassettes and floppy disks!). I was really happy with the result. One thing I would mention though is that as you are adding elements to the middle, take the time to fold the card back into a flat square to ensure that all the elements will lay down flat and nicely when folded. On the back panel I added a little note with a list of other fabulous people turning 40 this year.

And the final product……

image  image

image image


The final verdict? It was a lot easier to make than I had anticipated, and my friend loved it (isn’t that what counts…or is it the candles??)


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