December Daily up-to-date (well sort of)

It’s official. I am done. Done work, done my obligatory and optional holiday concerts/parties/dinners/cookie exchanges/gift making which has consumed the past two weeks of my life, and now I can get caught up on my December Daily. We have been good about doing the activities (my kids have kept me on top of that!!) and about documenting them, and I have managed to finish up until December 16 (I need to print more photos!!)

So here it is, my December Daily days 5 to 16!

Day 5 I had a lot of photos I wanted to add and to not crop so I made a fold-out section and tied it together with some baker’s twine.

image image

Day 6 was to make Christmas cards so I documented the day in a card that I had made.

image image

Day 7 and 8…..

image image

Day 9 and 10

image  image

Day 11 and 12

image  image

Day 13 and 14

image image

Day 15 and 16

image image

Off to print out some more tomorrow to hopefully get totally up to date…clearly I was ambitious thinking I could!


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