It’s been a long one (and I need sleep…)

Well folks I wanted to post my week three of project life 2015, but this week has a busy one: lots of work, school (for the first time in a decade) and early mornings have left me caffeine dependant and sleepy! So I finished week three using the new project 52 edition of project life kits (the digital one from the PL app), and promptly after I finished and took some photos to post, I noticed a glaring typo. The perfectionist Libra in me immediately wanted reprint the whole thing, but my ultra-tired body has won this battle and I was like, whatever, I am posting it with the mistake and all. Maybe I can make it into a fun game…can you find the mistake???

No worries..once my sleep has been replenished be sure that I will fix it (my body has won the battle but my mind will win the war).

Nite everyone!

image  image

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