Don’t worry if you forgot, Facebook will remember for you!

 A few nights ago I found myself aimlessly searching around Facebook. I came across my profile page and I started looking through the photos section. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever done this before, almost a decade into my relationship with Facebook I realized that every photo I was ever tagged in was hiding in this album. Yes, that may sound hard to believe, but for me Facebook is a method of communication, not a storage site. I have never felt the need before now to go through my own or anyone else’s Facebook albums and photos.

But I am glad I did….wow there was a treasure trove of photos I didn’t even remember taking and events I totally forgot I was involved in. Facebook never forgets apparently, every event and every photo was sitting there all along. I found some great photos, including one of my son and my friend’s son at her wedding from a photobooth. It was so adorable I knew I had to scrap it….


They were so cute in this picture. I had a lot of product still from Crate Paper’s Boy’s Rule line and I loved the cartoony background and drawings in the main paper. I was also inspired to colour it in a bit with some pastel pencils for added interest and just because I felt like colouring ( I blame Indigo for this…they tweeted earlier today about “adult colouring books” and about how relaxing they can be…I bought the hype).

image image

For my journaling I had decided I wanted to have a printed typewriter font and that I wanted to print on a Project Life style journaling card. I do this all the time and its pretty easy to do. I just type in MS word whatever I want to print using the ruler as  guideline to ensure it fits within a 3 x 4 space. Then I print it on plain paper and hold the journaling card in front of the plain paper to see where I want to line it up. Once I have the right spot, I put some repositionable adhesive on the back of the plain paper and put it back into the printer and print it again. It’s not the most exact way, I know, but it is faster than other methods and I haven’t had an instance yet when it didn’t print correctly.


Have you scrolled through your photos on Facebook lately??? Find any treasures??? You may be surprise that you forgot what’s in there!!!


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