Project Life Week 9

I slowly feel it happening, not intentionally, but I am slowly falling behind in my project life. This always happens a few times a year since I have been doing this, due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes its life, sometimes, ok most times, it is because my spare time is being devoted to another project (in this case a baby quilt commissioned by a friend). I am looking at the pictures for Week 9 as I post and it probably was the best week so far of 2015, which has been a challenging year to say the least. It also seems like it was eons ago, how time flies.  This is also my favourite week so far as I actually have Ms. Ali Edwards herself in a pic with me…very awesome. Enjoy everyone ( I threw in a pic of the quilt too just to prove I’m not just slacking!)

image image

And the quilt…which was requested to be nautically themed for a little boy, the fabric was so incredibly cute and ironically, I was admiring it on a website the day before I was asked to create the quilt. The fabric is called “Bartholo-meow’s Reef” by Tim and Beck for Moda. I was trying to justify my need for the fabric (I had none, at least none that I could rationalize) when the next day the opportunity knocked! It’s backed with a supersoft minky fabric which I love putting on the back of baby quilts, I feel it makes it more useable.


Still love that fabric!




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