Born in the wrong Era…Project life weeks 11 and 12

The snow is finally gone and the weather is starting to finally look a lot like spring in Southern Ontario. I took advantage of the holiday today and managed to complete week 12 this morning  while enjoying a coffee and some Easter bread, sun shining into my craft room. What a perfect morning (even the children were unusually quiet and occupied!).

Week 11 I realized that I had too much fun at Pioneer Village, quilting, woodworking, baking…I was born 200 years too late!

image image

Week 12 I again was wishing I was born in a different time, this time about 6 years earlier so I could have been a teenager in the 80’s, inspired by the music and art scene in NYC at the Basquait Exhibit at the AGO….

image image

I love history and I love finding about different people and places in the past….I hope to instill that in my boys too.

Enjoy this gorgeous Good Friday!

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