Stay focused…a kit challenge

I admittedly have a problem staying focused on things at times, especially my projects. I often start one project and abandon it eagerly as a shiny new one comes along. My craft room is where unfinished projects go to die, most often forgotten, occasionally found and revived with the joy I initially had for the project. If it isn’t how you start but how you finish that counts, I am failing badly. I trying to change that though.

I am a subscriber of Gossamer Blue’s life pages kits, I adore them. I had never really checked out their scrapbooking kits until a few months ago when they had an awesome sale (like I needed an excuse…). I am not often drawn to pastels and pinks, not really my colour scheme, but I loved the September Main kit from 2014 that was full of wood, craft and pink as well as tons of gold embellishments (which I do love).  For $10, I couldn’t say no, and it has remained unopened for 2 months…until this weekend that is.

I gave myself a challenge, to use only the products in the kit and see how many finished items I could come up with. I think sometimes I have too much to choose from and that makes the entire process slow, constantly searching for the perfect paper or embellishment that I know is hiding somewhere. I made two layouts and two cards using the supplies in the kit, however I confess I did add a few things not in the kit, some washi tape, some enamel dots and chipboard embellishments.

image             image


image             image

Limiting my supplies forced me to be more creative, go outside my comfort zone and I really enjoyed the challenge. I encourage everyone to try something new, you may be pleasantly surprised with the results!!


One thought on “Stay focused…a kit challenge

  1. My goal for C&C Cornwall is to get back to traditional scrapbooking using you and my new scrappy friends for inspiration! PL has made things to easy for me. I have a box of pics with no story no purpose and those need to be captured!

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