Pocket Letters…the Instagram sensation

While trolling social media last week, I stumbled upon the trend that has been all over the paper crafting world…pocket letters. Yup, the mutant love child of pocket scrapbooking and letter writing created by Janette Lane (find her at http://janettelane.blogspot.ca/2015/02/what-are-pocket-letters.html). Basic concept is to fill a baseball card protector sheet with trinkets, letters and goodies, fold it in thirds and stick it in a regular large envelope and mail it away (I have seriously simplified it, Janette does a better job explaining than me). They are all over Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest and subsequently I spent hours discovering this new way of reviving the concept of pen pals. I was hooked. I just finished my first one, and I had to share! I made it super girly, pinks, white and gold. I don’t often get to use this colour scheme and it isn’t my go-to in terms of colour choice, but it was so much fun, kind of like making 9 little 2.5 x 3.5″ stories. The finished design…


Close up on some of the individual pockets…

image  image

And all the goodies tucked into the back…


Now to decide who I send it to?????


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