Project Life Weeks 13 and 14

As the warm weather has finally hit, my  spare time has been focusing on the outdoors and cleaning up my backyard/garden…sadly this is forcing my other pastimes, like Project Life and scrapbooking, to take a back seat. But really Sarah, you must be saying, it isn’t like you are gardening in the dark, what about catching up in the evenings? Honest to god truth, all that gardening makes me feel like an arthritic octogenarian at the end of the day, my hands begging my mind to relax…it’s tough getting old!

So I have promised myself to limit the amount of outdoor work I do at a time, like maybe 40 minutes instead of 3 hours. Because who wants a life without scrapbooking? No garden is worth that (hehe).

So here is my Project Life layouts for Week 13 and 14. I struggled with Week 13. My grandfather passed away that week and I wasn’t sure how to document it. Since I have been completing the weekly projects over the past two years, no one close to me has passed away, but as death is part of life and I loved my grandfather so much, I knew it had to be documented. I decided on including a photo from last summer of myself and my boys visiting my grandfather, when he was happier and healthier. It was a lovely day and I decided to go totally off my script for Project Life and include a photo not from the week I was documenting – a first for me. It felt kinda good to break my self-imposed photo rule, and I am glad I added it.

Week 13


Week 14


Documenting life, the good and the bad, is all a part of project life for me and I am thankful I have much more good in my life than bad!


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