Socker (yes I spelled that right) and PL week 15….

Today I am at home with a sick little guy, who currently is half asleep on the couch after a very long and sleepless night. I decided to take this quick quiet moment to post my Project Life Week 15 and talk about the elephant in the scrapbooking room that is.

Allow me to back track for a minute. I belong to several PL groups on Facebook, and on one of them, a spending challenge was sent to the group….no scrapbooking purchases for the month of May. And guess what? I joined. I told two of my scrapbooking friends about the challenge, both looked at me like I was insane, but I do love a challenge, so I thought why not give it a go.

As of today, May 6, I haven’t fallen off the wagon!!

This past weekend, the challenge got me thinking about just how much stuff I have collected over the years and I begun the daunting task of cleaning and reorganizing my scrapbooking room. Nothing like realizing what you’ve forgotten to help curb the urge to spend!

And I knew where I needed to start…my Raskog cart from IKEA that houses most of my main PL supplies. Many scrapbookers have used the Raskog cart to organize (there is millions of ideas on Pinterest about this very topic) however over the last few months, mine has started to look anything but organized…


Crazy eh? Actually my inspiration for how to reorganize came again from IKEA in a totally different product, an herb garden planter called Socker that I bought two of at the end of summer last year for my garden. As I started planting my herbs I realized I really didn’t need two, but I sure could think of a good use for the second one I bought….to organize the top level of my Raskog cart!


This is what the Socker herb garden planter looks like, it fits perfectly in the top of the Raskog. I started by taking all the stickers out and using the original insert I had, a mail/paper organizer, to organize just the stickers and put that on my desk.


I then organized some of my smaller embellishments and ephemera into the Socker compartments and labelled them with a chalkboard label from Michael’s. I also added to small trays in front of it to house my enamel dots and sequins…

image image


I then added some little metal storage containers I had ( also designed to be a herb garden that I got for cheap on clearance at Indigo) and I clipped two of them to the side of the container to create two extra sections for extra PL cards, envelope and pocket inserts etc.

image image

And voila! Organization! I was truly amazed at how many things I found that I forgot I had. Hopefully the newfound treasures can pull me through to the end of the month!

To close, my PL week 15…

image image

Do you have any good organization tips???


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