Overachievers and Underachievers …Project Life Week 16 and 17

In the photo taking department, I have always been an overachiever. I have always taken more photos than necessary and often, more than recommended. Even before the days of digital photography, I used to burn rolls of film in no time…and yep, I used to develop them too. I have chronicled my entire life, the life of my friends and family, of my children with a paparazzi-like determination (I am the girl with all the blackmail material….). I am sure was genetically inherited from my dad, who has a pretty impressive photo collection of his own. In my Project Life journey this has meant that more often than not I have too many photos to choose from, to many to add and subsequently spend most of my processing time selecting photos.

Occasionally though, the unthinkable happens, and I forget to take photos. Week 17 of 2015, I underachieved royally and for some reason slacked off completely. I found it very challenging to fill my second page of the week 17 layout, mostly because I had only one picture. I tried to fill it as best as I could, but I still feel it looks a little awkward. I think it actually made me realize just how important to me the photos are, how for me they tell the story far better than my journaling (writing is not my forte…). Maybe that’s why take so many photos.

Who knows, but the stress of so little pictures has made me vow to never undertake photos again. Here’s my Project Life for Overachieving week 16 and slacker week 17!


image  image

image image

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