What are these things called??? Project Life Week 18

Friday night I was looking for an envelope my closet (the closet that has been carefully collecting/hoarding supplies for me…) when something fell from one of the shelves on my foot. I looked down and saw a small box of metal tags (I think that’s what they are) that I have had for years and got in some sort of random goody bag of scrapbooking supplies. These are the items in question…


They kind of look like clips with little sayings like “happy birthday” or “hello” on them. I have no idea what they are called. I have no idea what they are used for. I have no idea who makes them or why I am still hoarding them. But I decided to do something about it. I was feeling a little crafty so I picked them up off the floor and wanted to challenge myself to see what embellishments I could make with them. So I though about turning them into little badges with ribbon. Here was my process…

image image

I took a piece of ribbon and folded it over.

image  image

I added some hot glue to the back of the tab and attached the folded ribbon.

image image

I bent the clip part over the ribbon I had glue and I flipped it over and embellished it with two enamel dots.

One clip became many….

Then I couldn’t put the glue gun down and decided to make some ribbon banners from hanger-shaped paper clips…


And here is two of my finished embellishments in my Project Life Week 18.

image image

And close ups of the embellishments…

image image

I am glad my supply hoarding paid off (5 years later…), but seriously, if anyone can tell me what the metal things are called, I really want to know, the not knowing is starting to get to me!


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