Wake me up when June is over…Project Life Week 19

June is a tough month for me. Honestly, just about everyone has a birthday in June, including several folks in my household. Add on top of that Father’s Day. And soccer tournaments. And going back to school for a week and abandoning all the work that is waiting for me at the office.

June = one tired girl

I am spent. Honestly, wake me up when June ends (July 1st is not only our nation’s birthday but the official start of my vacation and escape, also contributing to the feeling that this month will never end).

I have fallen seriously behind in my PL, mostly because I just want to go to bed when the kids do (ok, ok, so I watch an episode of OITNB then go to bed), partially because I need to get to print some more pics and haven’t had a moment to do so . I did manage in all the chaos to squeak out Week 19, for which I used a hybrid of printed PL cards (from the Midnight and Soccer collection on the PL app) and from Gossamer Blue’s June subscription kit.

image image

Time to print out some photos and play catch up! Now to get some rest…


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