Switching it up… Project Life weeks 23 and 24

I can’t believe that I’ve just finished week 24 of my Project Life 2015 which means I am two weeks away from the half-way mark of 2015. Way back in January when I was fresh with anticipation of documenting the new year I decided, after looking at 2014’s  Project Life, that I wanted a more uniform album for 2015. I thought I would achieve this goal by sticking pretty much to the same underlying colour scheme; blue featured in every layout mixed with neutrals of black, white and kraft and pops of accent colours. I felt this would make the album more coherent and make my choices more simple.

Well at Week 23, I realized that I was started to get bored with the lack of variety and that in reality, it wasn’t easier to create my layouts, in fact it was harder as I spend most of my time trying to find the perfect colour in a limited colour scheme. I was also very frustrated that all these beautiful cards I receive from my kit subscription I cannot use because they aren’t going with the theme.

So I decided to try to switch it up a bit. For week 23, I pretty much created all the blue in the layout myself through watercolour paints. Some of the cards are scans of watercolours which I then enhanced or modified in Adobe CS (like the butterfly card) then reprinted as a Project Life card. All the black and white cards are printed from the Project Life App, to which I added paint splotches or coloured in some of the elements like in the arrow title card. Definitely more minimalistic than usual but I kind of liked the watercolour elements. I finished off with a variety of enamel dots, washi tape and puffy stickers and added some stamps like the small camera at the bottom of the page.


I switched up with week 24 by allowing myself to add more colour. June’s Gossamer Blue life pages kit I adored, but it had a lot of bright colours and I hadn’t used cards from it yet. So I decided that for my own sanity I needed to use what I wanted to use, not what I thought would match.


Majority of the cards are from Gossamer Blue with the exception of the green love the little stuff card, from Ali Edwards, the black and white pattern papers (which I punched from regular paper) and the highlights of the week card from the Project Life App. I am happy I let go and used the colours I wanted because I really love these pages.

What inspires you in January you may not love 24 weeks later…lesson learned!


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