I admit, I am eating humble pie…Project Life Week 30 and 31

Historically, I have not been the fastest scrapbooker. I procrastinate, debate, change, eliminate or add elements for hours (any scrapbooker will agree that the struggle is real, I know I am not alone). So when my friend Kristin and I started doing Project Life two years ago I mocked her organized and methodical approach to the weekly album and what I mocked most was the notebook. Kristin planned all her pages in a spiral notebook, like the ones we were supposed to be using to write math answers in school but were really doodling in (what? that was just me??). I laughed and teased her for planning where every photo went, which page protectors she would use. I thought wow, that’s adding a step. Won’t it take longer? Won’t it ruin the creativity?

A funny thing happened last week. I was sitting at my desk on my lunch break scrolling through my phone looking at my photos when I found myself starting to sketch out where they would go on the layout. Before I knew it, I had weeks 30, 31, and 32 sketched out. I came home, printed exactly the photos I wanted for each week, put them in a file folder with the sketch and when I was ready to scrap it was all ready to go. And you know what? I finished weeks 30 and 31 in record time. I was amazed. Planning has never been a strong suit of mine, in fact, it is one of my least favourite things to do (except vacations…love planning those, who doesn’t?).

So Kristin…I’m sorry, I  wasn’t wise enough to see the genius of the sketch book, but I have seen the light and I have been converted. I will no longer PL without a sketch plan.

So here’s Weeks 30 and 31…completed efficiently with a sketch.

Week 30’s cards are mostly from Heidi Swapp’s new Prismatic collection, the quote and this morning/this evening cards are from Gossamer Blue. I kept the embellishments minimal, mostly gold and cork elements from various manufacturers.


Week 31  is a mishmash of a bunch of manufacturers. The title card, the card with hearts, trending around here and random thoughts cards are all from Gossamer Blue. The card with the beach umbrella is from simple stories, however, I changed the colours of the umbrella and sand to match with my other cards, so I just cut and pasted matching paper into those areas. All the other cards are actually just paper I cut from Crate Paper’s Journey Collection, as are all the embellishments except the acrylic “Go” which is from Ali Edwards.


Enjoy this last week of summer vacation folks!




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