Project life weeks 37, 38, and 39

I have really struggled lately to keep up with my weekly project life. October was a crazy month, November hasn’t been much better, and I really have been letting my album go by the wayside. Deciding to do a Halloween countdown album was the focus of the most of my creative energies for the past 6 weeks when I did have the time to be creative, and with December starting in two days (um…how did that happen so soon?) I figured I’d better start catching up before December Daily starts. I caught up on weeks 37-39, and yes I know that still puts me roughly 8 weeks behind, but I am catching up.

Here’s Week 37:


Almost all of the PL cards and embellishments are from Gossamer Blue’s Life pages subscription kit, with the exception of the back to school card and the corkboard journaling card, both from a Becky Higgins kit that I cannot remember. The stamps I used are also from Gossamer Blue. This layout came together so easy, some weeks are like that.

Week 38:


For week 38 I used primarily the Be Fearless Becky Higgins Value kit and the embellishments it came with for this layout. I added some enamel dots and a bit of washi tape to embellish. I also used some phrases from Studio Calico and MME. This kit has very bold patterns so I wanted to lay off the heavy embellishments for this spread.

Week 39:


So week 39 was one of those layouts that took me forever…seriously. I originally had a completely different set of cards and colour scheme that I was going with but could not make it work. I chose the Notes and Things value kit by Crate Paper for Becky Higgins, which I adore, but I also struggled to make this one work. I am not sure why I hard time with this, but I really did struggle. With the exception of the title card from Ali Edwards and the card with the pink camera, from Jen Hadfield, all the other cards are from the Notes and Things kit. I used the embellishments from the kit as well as other elements from that line (stickers) that I already owned. I embellished with a variety of wood veneer and little plastic purple stars from Gossamer Blue. I got the fancy 3-d arrow from one of my Gossamer Blue kits , made by Pink Paislee from their Cedar Lane collection, and used them for the first time on this layout. This week was special for me as I got to meet Becky Higgins herself and of course I made her sign a 4 x 6 card for my album (geek yes I know…). I couldn’t bear to corner round the signed card, which was a very hard decision because I love them all rounded (honestly, the struggle was real for me for this one, a good 15 minutes debated on this!)

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