A weakness for charms…a Basic Grey Charm Pack Quilt

So it has been a while since I posted any of my sewing endeavours on here, mostly because in all honesty, they hadn’t been happening. Then about a month before Christmas, as I was struggling with a gift for my mother, I remembered a Christmas Quilt I had started but that had been relegated to the bin of unfinished projects (I know you all have one.. just mine is probably bigger than most!). The quilt I had started a few years ago with an impulse fabric purchase.

I am a sucker for charm packs, those cute, 2×2 pre-packaged bundles of fabric that call my name every time I go in my local quilting shop (they have baskets full). I am also a sucker for fabric designed by some of my favourite scrapbook companies, and there is quite a few that now are having fabric versions of their paper lines. So when I saw this gorgeous charm pack of Basic Grey’s Aspen Frost collection for Moda, I lost all self control and bought all of them…yup all 10 packages they had. Come on, how can you resist??


After I came home, then my next line of thinking was well what am I going to do with like 400 2×2 squares of fabric? I had never actually made a quilt with charm squares before, but I decided to try by making the charms into 9 patch blocks and I came up with a pattern incorporating the 4 colour pathways, blue, green, red and white. The white squares in the middle of each block would match the border fabric, which was also from the Aspen Frost Collection and was a white fabric with snowflakes on it, I bought two metres of that fabric in addition to the charm packs. This was my initial sketch, it got modified slightly as the white middle square didn’t stand out on the white blocks, so for those I alternated red, blue and green for the centre square:


So as I said I started, and did not finish, the quilt top about a year ago. So I pulled it out and got to work. I added the border strip and quilted it together in a simple diagonal stripe (the actual quilting together part is my least favourite part of the process so I will admit, I am not very creative about it!)

010 009

I finished it off by making the bias edge from some red striped fabric, also from the Aspen Frost Collection.


I was super happy with the way it turned out, and very happy that my mama loved it, a festive quilt she can have out during future holidays. I was equally as happy that one of the projects from the bin of unfinished projects was completed!



2 thoughts on “A weakness for charms…a Basic Grey Charm Pack Quilt

  1. Well done, it looks lovely! Bet it was a great feeling to get it finished off, too. I’ve looked at those small charm packs many times, but they’re just too small for my liking – I prefer the 5″ ones, much less fiddly to sew together! 🙂

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