Amy Tangerine Mini Album – Crop and Create Markham 2016

I have two times of the year that I look forward to, March and September. These would mark the two Scrapbook and Cards Today Crop and Create events that I attend every year with a bunch of amazing scrapbooking friends, to spend a whole weekend in creative bliss. I find these events always get my creativity going. Being in classes with some amazing instructors, getting inspiration from the other fabulous ladies in the room and having the time to do nothing but work on my projects sound like a pretty good deal to me!

I was excited, firstly and foremost, to see the amazing friends that I have made through this event (from here and abroad), secondly for my mini-album class with Amy Tan (yup Amy Tangerine!). I love her products and I am a faithful watcher of her YouTube channel (and, as I told her, I love that she has a messy, authentic studio…it makes me feel better about my own!) and of course I am a HUGE mini-album fan.

So for the class, we got a TON of new products from Amy’s latest line, Better Together, to make our mini album. I brought some photos and made a mini-album of my book club ladies. We’ve been going strong for two years and meeting monthly, which I think is pretty awesome, and I wanted to document it. I was also super excited when I saw that in a lot of the Better Together line there was lots of phrases relating to stories which I though would be perfect for the album’s theme.


The pages of the album were made from a series of 4×6 papers from a waterfall pack that Amy said she designed with the idea of having in the pack all you need for  making a mini-album.  Using this waterfall pack, a mixed ephemera pack,  some of the regular and puffy stickers, the gummy shapes (which I adored and I think used every one of them) as well as paper form the matching Better Together 6×6 pad, I had really everything I needed for the album. All I added really was some enamel dots and the tab stickers (thanks Christina!) to make some tabs for the album.

Here’s a run through of the album….





I totally loved that Amy was willing to watercolour something for me…I chose “read often” as I felt that it was relevant! I also really liked that as an instructor, Amy was really about “this is what mine looks like but do what every you want” which is usually how I feel classes should be.

Super fun and a great class with tons of great supplies (and lots leftover…I will show what I did with those in my next post!)

Read Often…Create Often,



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